Staying by Your Side for Temporary Staffing

Every workforce needs a sense of direction, and D.O.L.S. leads by example. We provide the temporary staff management services your business needs by sending on-site coordinators to your location to work with your team and achieve your objectives. D.O.L.S. selects coordinators with valuable industry experience who are eager to help improve your business. Achieve your goals on time and on budget with leadership that keeps operations moving.

D.O.L.S. on-site coordinators take care of administrative responsibilities such as employment forms, HR functions and process improvement. Our coordinators have the skills to motivate a well-qualified team, focus on safety and greater productivity is their ultimate goal. Reduce slowdowns caused by tardiness, re-teaching and turnover, and get simplified internal processes.

Time and cost savings come standard with a D.O.L.S. managed workforce. Efficiency is an important tenet of our on-site temporary staff management services, and our coordinators work hard to solve a wide variety of business challenges:

  • Temporary production changes
  • Location start-up
  • Location shutdown
  • Lock-out/tag-out jobs
  • Facility maintenance
  • Red tag projects
  • Capital improvement projects

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