As a manufacturing staffing company, D.O.L.S. provides temporary replacement workforce solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our team begins with strategic labor planning tailored to your business. Next, our experts recruit experienced employees who already have the skills you’re looking for. Finally, we deploy our workforce and provide coordinators on-site to ensure efficient productivity that fulfills your objectives.

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Learn Client Objectives

  • Analyze client needs and expectations for daily operations
  • Identify logistics issues and safety responsibilities
  • Categorize employee skillsets

Business Continuity Planning

  • Implement training to prepare for workforce changes
  • Document processes and technical writing
  • Plan logistics and new plan startup if necessary

Recruiting & Pre-Deployment

  • Recruit from a nationwide network of employees
  • Pre-screen personnel
  • Verify skills and conduct background check
  • Conduct advance training off-site
  • Arrange transportation for workforce


  • Hold project orientation for new employees
  • Begin work under on-site coordinators

Completion & Disbandment

  • Organize departure of managed workforce
  • Complete tasks and hand off ongoing work
  • Determine lean operation capabilities
  • Evaluate the work completed