By the end of the quarter, our (Strom) temporary workforce was operating nearly every unit at Middletown Works at or above the levels prior to the onset of the labor dispute. In fact, the plant’s hot-dip galvanizing line set a production record June23 that is unmatched in the 49-year history of that line.

James L. Wainscott, President and CEO AK Steel

Even over the course of a holiday weekend and throughout the strike you and the team worked with us to identify the right talent with the right opportunities which as you know was a very challenging task given the complexity of our operations.

M.J. Dickson, VP Human Resources Mott’s

I want to thank you and your team for the seamless strike contingency planning that you did for ThermoFisher Scientific’s recent labor negotiations in Two Rivers, WI. It is apparent that the Strom approach to providing this service is both professional and thorough and your personal involvement and accessibility made it a much less onerous project than it could be without your assistance.

John Listinsky, Director, Human Resources LWS Global, ThermoFisher Scientific

On behalf of Latrobe Specialty Steel Company, we want to thank you for the excellent job that Strom Engineering provided during our labor disruption. Strom’s expertise and advice were essential in establishing a detailed contingency plan to protect our customers. Unfortunately, we were forced to enact the contingency plan, but we were able to execute the plan with confidence and precision. The onsite Strom Team demonstrated both urgency and dedication to supporting our operations. This professional problem solving methodology was quite conducive to our management style and made for a strong partnership. I believe it was this partnership that lead to the success through some trying times.

Rosie Wolford, Manager – Labor Relations Latrobe Specialty Steel Company

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